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  Schools (5th - 12th Grade):  Customized Training


In addition to Mike's critically-acclaimed "Can I Kiss You?" program, he is known for customizing presentations to specific audiences.  The most popular special sessions are listed below.  Click on the section you want to read:

Workshop for Educators:

"Train the Trainers"

Mike Domitrz reveals a refreshing and powerful format to teaching educators and professionals how to facilitate thought-provoking conversations with students on the sensitive issues of healthy dating and sexual assault awareness. A welcoming and positive atmosphere is fostered where each trainee discovers how to take a simple approach to tough questions from students.

In this customized workshop, You will discover how to handle difficult situations with students -- including how to discuss "both sides" of students' concerns. You will learn the secret to creating a balance of careful and effective use of humor verses hard-hitting questions. Attendees will openly discuss concerning fads or behaviors that are increasing in frequency (including correct terminology).

Throughout the seminar, everyone is encouraged to ask questions and debate the concepts being discussed. At the end of this incredibly interactive 45 minute session, your attendees will leave excited and equipped with the tools to make a powerful impact with your students and in your community.

Plus, your school can receive Mike Domitrz's May I Kiss You? book forMay I Kiss You?  A Candid Look at Dating, Communication, Respect, & Sexual Assault Awareness everyone at this session for the incredibly low price of only $7 per book (when 100 books or more are ordered). Students and and educators can utilize the over 20 interactive exercises found throughout this critically-acclaimed book. Mike Domitrz is the only expert who gives schools such an amazing package of programs, expertise, and educational resources!!  Call (800) 329-9390 to bring Mike to your school.

Evening Program for Parents:

"Help! My Teen is Dating. Real Solutions to Tough Conversations"

The most effective education involves bringing all the influential forces in a student's life into the awareness process.  After Mike has spoken to your students throughout the day, he offers a unique opportunity to work with the parents and the entire community in the evening.

Like the "Can I Kiss You?" program, "Help! My Teen is Dating" utilizes humor and hard-hitting emotion.    As a father of 4 boys, Mike speaks openly and honesty to parents (including his own personal experiences).

Mike will share the keys to connecting with your students for discussing healthy dating and sexual assault issues.  As you know, many students do not feel comfortable talking to their parents about "personal" subject matters.  For this reason, Mike reveals fun and realistic ways to get your students to open up and share with you.

Parents will be challenged to examine how they teach respect among partners in a relationship and how they specifically talk about intimacy.  Do you make it sound "forbidden" or "dirty"?  Do you speak about "how wonderful it can be" in the right circumstances?  You will discover which approaches have the most powerful and lasting impact on your kids.

You will learn tips on how to successfully role-model consent and "asking first" in your home.  You will find out the secrets to helping young people make the right choices when you are not around, especially with sexual decision-making.  You will leave with skills on how to create a safer online environment for your son or daughter.  What else would you like to talk about?  Mike will be happy to answer all of your questiodvd coverns!!

Bring thisone-of-a-kind program to your community!

P.S. "Help! My Teen is Dating" became so popular that the DVD version was produced in 2007 to rave reviews. Click here to see why parents love this DVD and book set.

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A Night with Parents and Kids Together:

"Dating, Intimacy, & Your Faith"

Many educators and parents struggle with getting students to listen when it comes to dating, communication, intimacy, and how these issues directly relate to one's faith.  Even if students do a get a positive message from their faith-based school or their religious institution, parents are not there when the education is happening.  Consequently, the message can get diluted or completely lost when the students try to continue the conversation at home.

Plus, you have many parents who struggle to even start these important conversations with their children.  Who can blame the parents?  Twenty years ago, most Moms and Dads did not have welcoming talks on these topics.  You were simply given a set of rules to follow (not always in line with your "faith").  When intimacy was brought up, too many times it was discussed as only being shameful and dirty.

Through his hilarious and interactive approach, Mike Domitrz puts parents and kids at ease -- right from the start.  Through simple questions, the entire audience becomes involved.  Parents discover how to connect with their kids through an approach the kids actual want.  In front of their parents, the kids become comfortable talking about sensitive and/or personal issues. 

At the end of the program, students have said, "I am going to start telling my parents EVERYTHING.  I am not going to hide anything about my relationships with them anymore."  Siblings have shared how they are going to be there for each other.  Teenagers have stated, "I now know my body is a gift from God to be treasured and respected at all times."  Parents have been quoted as saying, "I finally feel I have the tools to really engage my kids on talks that we NEED to have with each other.  I am especially thrilled to know my faith fits perfectly into the conversation."

In this session, Mike is not limited by rules governing public schools (such as not being able to discuss one's faith).  Mike holds nothing back and yet keeps everything clean!! 

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